Soul on a Wave

A surfing Documentary


“Soul on a Wave”


Written by: Erich Martin Hicks

Narration by: Keith David & Hill Harper

This journey will begin with the history of our Legends and Pioneers through formulation of the BSA (Black Surfing Association), to present day, and onto the future of the BSA. Then we transverse to the International Surf community The CARIBBEAN SURF NETWORK (CSN), along with the Jamaica Surf Team and Barbados Surf Association. Thus disproving the anomaly of the Black Surfer/Surfer of color.  Travel with us as we dive in and reveal this group of men and women who are joined by a common bond of water and blood; “”Water” for the love and respect of the Ocean, and “Blood” for there Ancestral African roots”.  Although, the BSA along with other Black Surfers/Surfers of color is joined together by their bond, they are also comprised of many varied beliefs; political, social, vocational, and philosophical.  Our adventure starts us on the west coast of Southern & Northern California, and then takes us into the blustering waves on the North Shore of Hawaii, then on to the International waters of Jamaica and Barbados.  Through our journeys, travels, and adventures, we will also discover that it’s not about black or white; we will define Surfing as a Culture, a way of life and is open to those who choose and respect the Ocean.  In addition to interviews and conversations with the film’s many subjects, a narrator fills in the background and historical information, providing an objective eye-in-the-sky perspective.


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    CHRIS DENNIS  Trinidad & Tobago
   Black Surfing     
RAHIM WALKER BSA surfing world tour
North Shore, Hawaii


‘Buttons’ Montgomery Ernest Thomas Kaluhiolokalani, the great innovator of the 70‘s, of all board sports, surfing, skate and snowboarding died November 2, 2013 in Santa Monica, California at the age of 55.

In memory of ‘BUTTONS’

‘Buttons’ Montgomery Ernest Thomas Kaluhiolokalani

Click on the picture above to go to ‘Youtube’, enjoy and watch ‘Buttons’ perform as one with the waves...the ‘Magic Johnson’ of surfing before your eyes.